What is Difference Between Painting and Drawing?

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What is Difference Between Painting and Drawing?

There is a complex relationship between painting and drawing. They have many similarities. But they develop in very different directions, especially in terms of realism and abstraction. However, the rise of digital media has once again blurred the boundaries between them. In Chinese art, due to the special situation of Chinese painting development, the difference between drawing and painting can be said to be more vague than Western art. This is because, in China, the same brushes, ink and paper used in writing and sketching are also the basic equipment of a painter.

The Similarities between Painting and Drawing

1. They all need equipment to make a picture. The difference is that the equipment used are different. Therefore, it is no wonder that some techniques and standards are common to both forms of the art.

2. Both painting and drawing belong to fine arts. Drawing is the foundation of painting. If you want to be a painter, you must first be good at drawing.

3. Both painting and drawing have market value. The difference is that the market value is different.

4. A good painter and a good drawer have much in common. Both of them must be able to break the desired image they wish to convey into component marks, and then should have sufficient control of their equipment in order to translate those marks onto a flat medium. 

The Differences Between Painting and Drawing

The Differences Between Painting and Drawing

1. The equipment used are different. The equipment required for drawing is stylus/pencil/etc., while the equipment required for painting is brush/fingers/etc. Of course, brush/fingers/etc requires dipping paint to make pictures.

2. They are different in development directions. Painting is getting further and further away from the display of concrete objects and figures, while drawing continues to be based on realism. That is to say, painting is more and more abstract, while drawing focuses on concretization.

3. They have different characteristics. Drawing is characterized by lines and shades. Drawing has different types, such as line drawing, shade drawing, and object drawing. Unlike painting, drawing does not require turpentine oil. There is also no need for a palette when drawing objects and characters. No drying is required after the drawing is finished, and it is easy to wipe and redo.

Painting is characterized by color and design. Painting has different types, such as painting on blank stretched canvas, oil painting on canvas, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, etc. Painting requires turpentine oil and a watercolor palette. After painting, it needs to be dried. It is not easy to wipe and redo.

4. Their market value are different. Although both painting and drawing have market value, the value of the two are different. The market value of painting is higher than drawing. This is why painting is considered as an expensive hobby. Compared to drawing, the materials required for painting are more expensive and painting is more difficult to produce than drawing.

5. Persons’title are different. A person who draws is called an artist, while the person who paints is called either an artist or a painter.

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