We’re a business that focuses on making a real difference. We too believe in trade with purpose. We are committed to make a better society and a better nature. We are doing our best to enhance the social and environmental performance of ourselves and our suppliers.
  In 2014, our team resolved to make a genuine commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our business. We want to make a difference. We get authorized by FSC. We awarded an FSC® chain of custody certification, allowing us to mark our products as complying with strict FSC® criteria.
  Since then, we have made some changes. Besides using FSC certified wood, we have also started to supply more environmentally friendly products, like bamboo rulers, recycled PP handle scissors, RPET smock, etc. These unnoticeable changes will have a significant environmental benefit in the long term. 
  We respect the human rights as much as we respect the nature. We encourage our suppliers to improve social performance. Most of our major suppliers has joined amfroi BSCI or Sedex. We help our suppliers conform to these popular standards on social performance and get audited every year. 

We deliver good products, with a good quality, at a good price and a good availability. And we accomplish this in a way that does not harm people or the nature. We believe that our business can help to have a positive impact worldwide.
FSC certified regional wood products
Ways that do not harm humans and nature




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