7 Invaluable Tips for Painting on Canvas

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7 Invaluable Tips for Painting on Canvas

To get the better understanding of painting on canvas, you should understand the drawing tools firstly.

Invest in painting brushes

Buy professional-grade painting brushes as long as you can afford it. Buy some higher-quality brushes when you are making use of better paint, which can create better art work. Usually, three brushes of different sizes should be fine, and you can buy more to start with and try different shapes as you draw more. You can use an brushes made of acrylic paint to use oil, but there are also natural brushes that can be used with oil. As art tools you will use during your painting, brushes are the most commonly used and they contact paint directly. Therefore, we should take investment in them.

Additionally, when you're done, it's important to wash your brushes with soap and water. If not, paintings can get messy. Carry paper towels and cloths with you to remove excess paint and turpentine from your painting brushes. There are two containers for paint - one for cleaning brushes and one for mixing with paint.

Choose the canvas

The canvas is a heavy woven fabric used for painting or acrylic. The surface of the canvas is painted with a white base for painting. The standard canvas is sold in rolls. It is made of strong material specially woven flax, and much of it is imported from Belgium and Ireland. When used in painting, a canvas is tightly straightened by pinned to frame. Different canvases with different prices has huge impact on the artwork you will finish, because its material will affect the colouring of pigment and the artistic effect of painting. For example, a cheaper alternative is heavy cotton, but this is less acceptable. So, at first, you should choose the canvas with right size and material.

Prepare the canvas

In preparation for painting on canvas, the canvas must be stretched over a frame. Attention must be paid to making the woven lines of the canvas parallel to the edges of the frame. The frame is attached to the inside of the canvas and must be slant so that the inside edge does not completely cling to the canvas, otherwise the canvas will be imprinted and difficult to repair. The edges of the frame must hold the angles of the frame together, and the accuracy of the angles can be determined by placing a square ruler at four angles.

KSR-AD18X24 A74 canvas

Create the impression

For a complete and good painting, the painter usually paints it in many layers, and then paints another layer on the picture after the painting is dry. Generally, it will be repeated 2-3 times. The cascade painting of oil painting is an essential process of real hand-painted oil painting. The main purpose of creating the impression is to skillfully and quickly draw the approximate area of each color and relations with projects, and to lay a good foundation for the layers next.

Choose a safe place

Create a space in a well-ventilated place where you can keep your palette and supplies with your paintings. This will give you the opportunity to see and think about your work, which will make the process of painting easier, which will also reduce the contact of paintings with other living materials. At the same time, the cleaning and diluting solvent used in painting often irritates the human body, and some pigments even belong to inflammable products, so the safe and ventilated environment is necessary.

Test the colors

Before starting to paint, you need to test the colors on a palette or even on another canvas to determine the nature of the paint and its color intensity. At the same time, many colors are created by mixing with different colors, and the mixed pigments need to be tested to ensure the effect of coloring.

Select the background

Every painting needs a background, which may be the weakness of the picture. Part of the reason for a good picture is that the subject and background work together to form a cohesive "whole." The background should be consistent with the theme of the painting.

Hopefully you're beginning to realize that the choice of background is an important part of the picture. If you are interested in painting, hope this article can be helpful for you. Hangzhou Medo Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a professional art material manufacturer, who producing artist watercolor paint sets,  professional stretched canvas for painting, artist quality acrylic paint and various paintbrushes for beginners with best quality and reasonable price. 





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