A Beginner’s Guide to Sketch Drawing:Hair

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sketch Drawing:Hair

Which part of the sketch is the most difficult to draw? shadow? Eyes / color or light? In reality, many beginners have a bottleneck that is difficult to break through in sketch avatar painting. It is difficult to draw a texture of hair, and it is easy to draw a black or rough look. Often commented by the teacher "like a wig." The processing of the hair in the sketch avatar is related to the whole picture effect, which accounts for a large proportion. So I have compiled some hair painting techniques and precautions for you today, and hope to help in the painting process.

hair sketching

Essentials of painting hair

1, shaping the three-dimensional sense of hair. Pay attention to its spherical features, which are integral with the structure of the face, as well as the light and dark boundaries, reflections and highlights. The point is that you must make your sketch pencil always change around the head shape. Attach the structure of the skull to analyze the light and dark changes, and grasp the subtle shading to perfect the effect.

2, light and dark contrast - if the hair wants to have a layer and a sense of space, you need to have a rich contrast of light and dark. The edges of the hair should be interspersed and undulating. Don't use a single line to explain it. Use the line weight in the part of the structure turning, and use the line to go down and back, so that you can open up the sense of space. Pay attention to the way the hair is connected to the face. The corner part is a transitional form. The hairline part has a certain thickness, which will cause projection on the forehead.

3, the key portrayal ---- generalize other places, near real and virtual, this way can retain the realism of the hair to the greatest extent, will not appear chaotic and unreal. Therefore, the change of hair is mainly handled by the virtual and real means of sketching.

4, highlights---If you want to draw your hair, master the light source of the environment in which the character is located, and then cut into a face to paint. In general, the depiction of hair can be divided into three sides: black, gray, and white. After being divided, the hair is depicted in groups.

hair sketching

Drawing Tips

1. Maintain a good drawing posture. The correct sketching posture helps the overall observation and performance of the method. The body should be about one arm away from the drawing board when painting. Good habits help improve your drawing skills.

2. Holding the pen method. The method of holding the pen is to hold the pencil with the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, and the little finger as the fulcrum to support the drawing board, and draw the line by the movement of the wrist.

3. Time control. Usually a sketch is usually arranged between 2-3 hours. If the picture is complicated and cannot be completed at one time, it can be completed multiple times.

4. Develop scientific thinking methods. In the process of sketch training, the learner solves the thinking ability of various relationships, such as correctly grasping the relationship between subjectivity and objectivity, and the whole and the part.

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