A Beginner’s Guide to Sketching Facial Features(1)

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 A Beginner’s Guide to Sketching Facial Features(1)


Now, before you can draw a full face, you have to learn to draw each feature separately. Only by picking one feature at a time can you learn to paint well and understand what to look for and capture in your painting. Here we will describe each of the five features of the specific painting method, hoping it will be helpful to you.


The nose is triangular, protruding in the center of the face, and consists of the base and root of the nose. The nose also comes in many shapes, such as tall, thick, flat or tapering, all of which are characteristics of the nose. The shape of the nostrils varies from the shape of the nose, particularly with respect to the alar.  So when you're drawing on drawing paper with a sketching pencil or graphite pencil, pay special attention to the harmony of your nose.

mouth sketching


Drawing a mouth can be a challenge. Only when lips are defined by makeup, the edges of the lips are very clear. When you look closely at the mouth, you will notice that the upper lip is usually smaller and appears deeper than the lower lip, creating an M shape. There is also a difference between male and female lips. Women's mouths are sharper and look fuller and brighter. The edges of men's lips are more subtle and are described more by shadows than by the edges themselves. So this puts higher demands on artists who use paint palettes and paint brushes to paint on stretched canvas.

The eyes

It is well known that two eyes move in unison, vision in parallel and in one direction, and perspective changes differently when the head moves. 

In addition, the shape of the eyes also changes with age, so it is important to pay special attention to people of all ages, changes in different parts of the eyes, such as the growth of grade will cause the appearance of lower eye bags. So it's not that easy to draw the eyes.

eyes sketching

The ear

Ears are one of the most difficult features to draw. They are made of strange shapes. We don't pay attention to our ears unless they have earrings or are larger than normal. Either way, they're not the shapes we usually think about. To draw a good portrait, you have to practice a lot, such as the angle and posture of your ears. Only with a lot of practice can you master the way of ears painting.


The eyebrows are longer than the eyes, starting from the brows and ending to the top of the eyebrows, divided into two rows. The following is radial, thick and thin inside, the above is covered on the following. The inside is straight and firm,and often dark due to backlight. The outside is curved, due to the light and appear gentle bending. Human eyebrows are different in direction, shape, length, density and width, which play an extremely prominent role in the expression of human gender, age, expression and personality. So eyebrows are also a description of the character.

Only if you master the painting of each of the five features, with their own efforts, to draw superb works.

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