How Do you Sketch Portraits?

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How Do you Sketch Portraits?

Sketch is a formal art creation. It can express things in the intuitive world by means of monochromatic lines or smearing into faces. It can express thoughts, concepts, attitudes, feelings, fantasy, symbols and even abstract forms. It does not pay attention to the overall and color as much as painting, but focuses on structure and form.

Portrait sketching refers to the use of artistic methods to reproduce the appearance of natural persons. A kind of ornamental sculpture that reproduces the character image of the portrait right under the material carrier by simply depicting the lines and paintings without color.Below are the painting steps and painting notes for portrait sketching for your reference.


Painting factor


We need to understand the head muscles first, and it is important to grasp the shape of the head, especially the scribing of the expression. The plaster head sketch should focus on the combination of head muscles and bones. Mastering the muscles is important for character shaping.


Painting tools and materials have an impact on the emotional depiction of the subject. A rough, thick sketch drawn with charcoal may be used to express anger or confrontation. A pencil sketch can depict a series of shades, giving a three-dimensional portrait sketch, while a beautiful pen and ink sketch can characterize the character.


Light can completely affect a person's appearance. The intense light that shines directly from the front on the face flattens the image and does not show the depth of the head. Illuminating the light on the side of the head can be a more interesting exercise, but if you want to exaggerate someone's personality, try to illuminate them from below.


In order to successfully draw a portrait, it is necessary to be able to create a three-dimensional, lifelike avatar with an identifiable face that is consistent with the person being painted. Divide the face roughly into three equal parts to make the face evenly proportioned. Study the structure and shape of the head, paying attention to the proportions of the various parts of the features associated with the face.

sketching paint

Portrait sketch notes

1.See abstractly

Squinting is actually really useful! It helps you not to get bogged down in tiny details but to see larger shapes and areas of tone. It will help you draw the shape of the head more accurately.

2.Use the right pencil

The first step is to master how to hold a pencil correctly. Holding the pencil like you could a piece of charcoal, and using the side of the lead to draw. This helps keep the pencil sharper for longer.There are lots of different pencil drawing techniques relating to shading.  with all the lines going in the same direction.This makes the shading appear more cohesive.

3.Use the right eraser

There are a few different types of eraser, and each is suited to different things. You'll definitely need a kneaded eraser. This has a putty-like consistency or putty eraser, and you knead it before and after use.

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