How Does Painting Will Benefit?

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How Does Painting Will Benefit?

Painting is not only an art, but also a bridge for parents and friends to approach their children and truly understand their inner world. Let's take a look at the seven benefits of learning to paint.

Children can cultivate rich cultural cultivation through painting, open up cultural horizons through appreciation activities, understand the rich cultural heritage and cultural development of mankind, understand the relationship between art and production and life, and learn the thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Improve aesthetic feeling ability.

Children can promote the development of human nature through painting. There is no real artistic creation without personality. Art creation activities embody the individual's own values, cultivate self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation motivation and self-motivation, and cultivate autonomy and initiative.

The Benefit of Painting

Painting is conducive to improving people's observation and creativity. Image thinking is the foundation of creative thinking, human creativity is inseparable from image thinking.

Painting is conducive to the equal attention, coordination and optimal development of the left and right brain. The right brain specializes in image thinking, while the left brain dominates logical thinking. Because the left brain has the advantage of controlling language and the influence of acquired education, after the age of three, people are accustomed to using the left brain, resulting in less and less use of the right brain, which greatly reduces the excellent function of the right brain. Therefore, learning painting is conducive to the development and optimization of the right brain, coordinated development of the left and right brain, so that they achieve the best function.

The process of painting is a process of observation. We leave the fragments of life in our minds with our thoughts and then draw them on paper. People who are keen on painting tend to pay attention to things in their lives and therefore have a more delicate mind.

A person who can draw is like a skill. Whether in school, in training classes, in a collective environment, children will find that they have their own advantages as long as they have the opportunity to paint, so they will be more confident. Because it's a technique. Not bubbles.

Children have a natural childlike interest and strong desire for expression, their joys and sorrows are on paper. When they can not express their inner world in rich language, through the combination of hand and brain, which is painting. In other words, in fact, each painting is a portrayal of the child's true inner thoughts and is the external expression of the child's emotions. If the lines in the child's graffiti are stiff, mixed, overlapping, and dark, these may indicate that he is in a bad mood at the moment. On the contrary, if the child's graffiti lines are soft, rich, and bright, it means that the child's mood is healthy and his mood is good.

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