How Many Types Do You Know About Painting?

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How Many Types Do You Know About Painting?

How Many Types Do You Know About Painting?

History of Chinese and Western Paintings

Painting has a long history of development. The oldest known painting is located in the Grotte Chauvet, France. Some historians believe it can be traced back to 32,000 years ago. The paintings are carved and painted by red ochre and black paint, and the theme is horses, rhinos, lions, buffaloes, mammoths or humans returning from hunting. This is the origin of Western painting.

It is generally believed that oriental paintings developed from ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt and China, and European-centered Western paintings developed from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, are the two major painting systems in the world. These two major painting systems have influenced each other in history and made unique and important contributions to human civilization. The moldability of painting itself determines that it has a great degree of freedom of creation. It can represent both the real world of space and the imaginary world of time and space. Painters can express various unique emotions of life and ideal through painting. Since painting is a static art of visualization, it can appreciate, play and experience the aesthetic form and content in the painting for a long time, so it is the most acceptable and favorite art.

Painting Types

There are many types of paintings according to different division.

1) According to the depicted objects and content of painting, paintings can be divided into religious paintings, historical paintings, military paintings, genre paintings, figure paintings, portrait paintings, body paintings, landscape paintings, and still life paintings.

2) According to tools and materials, paintings can be divided into Chinese painting, oil painting, engraving, gouache, watercolor painting or watercolor drawing pencil painting, charcoal painting, pen painting.

There are the most common classification.

Chinese painting, also known as ink painting, is a painting made of ink.

Chinese painting

Oil painting is a kind of painting made by using quick-drying vegetable oil (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.) to blend pigments on canvas, linen, cardboard or wood.

oil painting

Engraving is a picture printed on a wood, stone, hemp, copper, zinc, etc. plated or etched with a knife or chemical.


Gouache is a picture drawn with water-blended pigments.


Watercolor painting is a painting method of painting with water and transparent pigments, referred to as watercolor; it is suitable for making fresh and bright paintings such as scenery.

Watercolor painting

Pencil drawing with the main tool, sketching pencil.

Pencil drawing

Charcoal paintings is painted with charcoal strips. It is a kind of sketch.

Charcoal paintings

Pen drawing is a drawing drawn by an ordinary pen or a special metal pen.

Pen drawing

3) According to their use, paintings can be divided into new year painting, posters, movie advertisements, commercial advertisements, movie animations, decorative paintings, architectural paintings, costume paintings, book illustrations, comics, stage art, and film art.

4) According to cultural traditions and overall cultural features, paintings can be divided into two major systems: Western painting and Oriental painting.

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