How To Paint an Magnificent Portrait of Your Pet?

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How To Paint an Magnificent Portrait of Your Pet?

How To Paint An Magnificent Portrait of Your Pet?

Pet portraits are a great way to commemorate your fur baby or other beloved little animal. Painting may be easier than it seems; in fact, you will be surprised to find that capturing the pet's image on the canvas actually uses a lot of the same techniques as drawing any portrait.

This tutorial will introduce you to the basics. Now let's begin.

Pet portraits

Before You Draw

Acquisition Features of Your Pets

Pet portraits are not made to create a realistic picture, but to convey the animal's personality. You may know what makes your pet look like this. But if you're drawing someone's pet, ask the owner about the special qualities, habits and quirks of the animal. These are not what you can get from the photos. 

When it comes to the photos, you must take lots of pictures! If you want to use a reference picture, don't be satisfied with just one of them - it won't give you enough information, for example, sunlight will change the color of cat's hair.

Collect or photograph pets in different lighting conditions and angles. Make sure there are any special marks or locations. It also helps to include photos of favorite places, toys or accessories. These can help you decide on settings and color schemes.

Begin the Sketch 

Before determining the final angle and portrait composition, draw a large number of pet sketches. Use newsprint or other cheaper newspapers, give yourself time and freedom, try different looks, and find the best paper.

Set Up Scene

Pet portraits don't need to be serious or exact accurate, moreover they can show humor and fantasy. One of my favorite portraits is a prank black dog riding a wheelbarrow in front of Grant's tomb in New York. In fact, choosing a background and composition that synchronizes with your pet's personality will make your portrait more meaningful.

Preparatory Workspace

Before you immerse yourself in your art, you need to assemble your paintbrushesprofessional stretched canvas for painting or other work materials and tools, as well as anything else you need. In this way, you can focus on creative challenges and make everything just right, rather than rushing to find what you need while drawing.

Pet portrait

Now it's time to start drawing!

Production Background

Background color, basically a sketching of the image in the painting, you can add a size to the pet portrait. Make your finished painting a more realistic color, in sharp contrast to the palette you think of in your final work.

Create a Perfect Palette

Like paint skin, fur, scales or feathers require a variety of colors. Whether you're talking about dogs, cats, turtles or pythons, you'll notice changes in the color of its face and body. Even if it looks like a white dog, its background may be yellow or gray; a black cat may be not only black, but also red in the sun. Create a palette that reflects these subtle changes.

Layered Painting

Character portraits are usually drawn in layers, and this technique is also applicable to pets. First create a basic layer that captures the basic colors and shapes of the face and body, and then start optimizing your painting by adding textures and details.

The result of all these efforts: A lovely portrait of a lovely baby. Isn't your pet worth it?





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