How do Beginners Learn to Sketch?

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How do Beginners Learn to Sketch?

Draw sketches and the steps to learn sketch vary from person to person. For a beginner's sketch, the steps are crucial, otherwise you won't be able to start. Drawing a sketch is like building a house. Why we say that? Let’s step into the sketch’s world for more surprise.

Step 1: composition and shape

Tools: Generally use 3-4B pencil, moderate hardness.

Noted: proportionality, perspective, structure. Partially shaped, dead buckled line.

Composition principle: Generally, the center of the picture and the midpoint of the center of gravity are used as the heart of the picture.


1. The overall shape, the connection of the object's highest, lowest, left and right.

2. The prototype of a single object, the connection of high, low, left and right, to determine its position and size.

3. The specific shape of a single object, including the structure line, the light and dark boundary line, the projection line, and the shape of the lining.

Observation and comparison are the truths that depict shapes.

Step 2: Spread the color

Use of pencils: from soft to hard.

Note: virtual reality, space, contrast, structure, overall sense.

Method: This step is subjective and solves the problem of "body". Many people like to break through after the first step, which makes it easy to make the picture lose its overall sense. It takes time and energy, and the effect is not good. Sketches can be done quickly with the help of line drawings.

The shaping of volume is inseparable from light and shadow. The reason why many people draw gray is because the light on the scene is very complicated, so it is necessary to learn subjective processing.

Step 3: In-depth portrayal and adjustment

Use of pencil: 2B and below

Note: space, virtual reality, light perception, texture, edge line processing, painting heart, local and overall relationship.

Method: This step combines subjective and objective to solve the "effect" problem. It is easy to cause the picture to be divided and there is no sense of overallity or rhythm. The painting will eventually be the same as the painting, restore the essence of the object, and give life to the object. So this step emphasizes the beauty and artistic effect. From the overall observation, partial start, finely crafted, and finally achieve rich and expressive, strong visual.

Tips help you do better

1.If using the copy method, enlarge your sketch with a scanner and/or photocopier and draw grid lines on it to prepare for painting.

2.If using the projection method, ensure you are happy with your sketch before scanning it or starting to draw it on to the canvas.

3.For beginners, Acrylic Paints are the easiest to use. Paints and Brushes are relatively cheap to buy, and can easily be washed out with water after use.

4.Pencil will have a slight darkening effect if painted on - this can be used to your advantage, however, when using shadows of the same colour to avoid having to mix darker paint.

The more B, the softer. The more H, the harder. 



The Benefit of Painting Sketch

Many painting lovers like painting cause the drawing are very accessible and interesting tasks to perform. However, more than just being favorite pastimes, there are many health benefits of painting and drawing.

Painting and drawing would obviously make use of one’s imagination. They would create vivid images of houses, people, and places and improved creativity. Perhaps the major health benefits of painting and drawing involve the emotional aspects of individuals. Releasing one’s stress can be very beneficial to reduce their risk of other physiological illnesses.

Drawing can also improve problem solving skills, increase emotional intelligence, communication skills, etc. An individual   may also develop optimism and feel happier through painting and drawing. With the body and mind becoming more relaxed, one can function better. Join the team of painting~~

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