How to Choose the Best Watercolor Brush Pen?

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How to Choose the Best Watercolor Brush Pen?

Watercolor marker is a commonly used painting tool. We often say that there are two kinds of watercolor pens. One is made of fibers and animal hair. It is mainly used for watercolor painting. The other is a watercolor pen for color painting. The pen holder contains various color core, which is commonly used in children's painting. Next we will introduce some knowledge about watercolor brushes. 

Use of Watercolor Pen

Colored fountain pens can be used to show lines, such as landscape painting. First, use pencils to draw the outline of trees gently, and also to draw the junction between earth and sky. Then fill the trees with light green and horizontal lines, not too dense, or when drawing other colors, it will not reflect its aesthetic feeling, then draw dark green, slowly from dense. When it comes to sparseness, then it's dark purple. It's also from dense to sparse. Then it's painted in yellow on the top of trees. Grassland and sky are painted in these ways. This kind of paintings are painted with water color brushes expressed by lines. 

And just like sketching, for example, an object, you have drawn it with a watercolor brush, and you have also drawn out its stereo sense. Then you use a deeper color to line the back left or right of the object, depending on where you think the sunshine is coming from. 

Professional watercolor paper is needed to make the effect of color pens better. Watercolor paper is a kind of paper specially used for painting watercolor. It has higher water absorption, thicker pounds, stronger fibers and is not easy to break and pill due to repeated smearing. 

Watercolor Pens

Reasons for Using Watercolor Pens 

Because soft watercolor brush pen can draw different shapes of patterns, we need to use watercolor brushes in watercolor painting.

Watercolor Brush Pen Selection

Watercolor brushes can be divided into round, pointed, flat and other special shaped pens according to the shape of the pen. The most common watercolor brush in the process of watercolor painting is the round-headed brush. 

For a round pen, there are also two types: a slightly blunt tip and a pointed tip. The blunt can be said to be completely without front. This kind of watercolor is suitable for painting large areas, dripping freely, without drawing lines, for painting rounded things, for painting tree clusters and long-term leaf clusters, etc. 

The pointed pen can be divided into two kinds. One has a pen edge, but it's not particularly sharp. Chinese traditional brushes generally belong to this category. China's standard for good pens is "sharp, neat, round and strong", which is interpreted as "the tip of the pen converges, the tip of the pinched flat pen is neat, the cone is full and round, and the elasticity is good for health". As long as there is a pen edge, it is suitable for drawing fine lines, small details, hair, veins, thin and long leaves, drawing areas with edges and corners and gaps. If there is an illustration of a fine pencil draft, it must need a pointed pen. The second is that the tip of the pen is very sharp. Now I've seen all these Western watercolor pens. The feature is that the pinched flat pen is not as flat as the Chinese pen, but a curved surface. 

A flat-headed pen can not only draw a block surface, but also draw details with a corner of the pen tip. If the whole picture is painted with a round pen, the picture will inevitably be weak. A flat-headed pen can make the picture a little more rigid. 

In fact, the choice of what kind of plastic handle bristle brush needs to take into account the actual needs.





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