How to Mix Oil Paints - The Color Wheel?

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How to Mix Oil Paints - The Color Wheel?

What is the oil painting? Generally speaking, it is the painting that uses transparent oil to mix the paints and paint on paper, wood and other materials. It originated and developed in Europe. Tempera in European before the 15th century was the predecessor of oil painting. While tempera was still in use, many painters continued to search for oils that are more ideal. The painters of the early 15th century who finished the “the birth of Venus” are generally regarded as the founders of painting techniques.

Characteristics Of Oil Paints

Oil paints are divided into two categories: minerals and chemical synthesis. The first kind of oil pigments are mostly made of minerals. They were grounded into fine particles by hand and blended when painting. In mass production by the factory, they were put into tube made of tin, and the types of pigment are also increasing. The properties of pigment are related to its chemical composition. When mixing colors, chemical reactions will take place between some pigments. Therefore, mastering the properties of pigments helps us to make full use of painting skills and to keep the colors lasting for a long time. At present, there are many cheap acrylics in the market to replace the oil paints. Although acrylics have the advantages of rapid evaporation and drying, they cannot replace the unique texture of oil paints.

In oil painting, we are painting with oil used as harmonic agent to make the brushes more fluent. And the drying time of the paints is more moderate. With facilitating multiple coverage and modification in the process of painting to create the various level of color and gloss.

Next, we will look at the basic colors of oil paints, such as techniques of mixing red or white colors. First, use three-primary colors, brown and white to mix the color. Take the color of white as an example.

How to Mix Oil Paints - The Color Wheel

White pigments 

White and powdery pigments play an important role in changing the lightness of colors in oil painting. When people draw on a stretched canvas for painting, the use frequency of white is highest and consumption of white is also the biggest.

However, excessive use of white will make the color of the picture lose its tendency of clearness and moderate saturation, thus making the picture lose the expression and appeal of color.

Accordingly, when using white, beginners must remember that do not use too much white pigment easily unless it is a must. Renaissance master leonardo Da Vinci once said, you should take care of white as you take care of your eyes.


The first practice recommended is to use a palette knife instead of a brush to create a painting. Using a palette knife allows you to focus on the color and shape. And when you shop for paint, do not buy every color you want to use in your painting. Instead, you can start with a few colors and choose carefully. The most effective way to start is to limit the colors on the painting palette. Usually, cadmium orange or aqua blue is your first choice. Also, you can use the color wheel to mix colors when you are painting.





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