Some Tips for Watercolor Painting

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Some Tips for Watercolor Painting

This article will introduce to you some of the most commonly used techniques when we draw watercolor paintings, there are three basic techniques, three dry painting, three wet painting and some other painting methods. If you can master these skills, you can play in the watercolor world with professional watercolor brush pen, and watercolor pad.

Parallel Coloring Method

The so-called flat coating method, as the name implies is parallel coloring method, is the most basic one of the coloring methods.In the use of flat paint method, we should pay attention to the color modulation and uniform, smooth convergence, do not appear some too obvious water mark this method is the effect of block surface feeling is stronger, color is relatively single.

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Blending Method

Do you think a mix-color method is a way of mixing colors together and then drawing patterns on a piece of paper? No, it's a way of drawing different colors on paper so that the colors blend together naturally. For example, the sky part of the sky map is a mixed color method.We put the color first separately on the painting paper, make the pigment natural fusion diffusion, local natural adjustment.The sky is not a single color, the picture is very rich.Finally pop up the spot, the whole painting is both easy to operate and rich in variety.

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Color Connection Process

As the name implies, coloride-taking is to draw one color first, and then connect the edges of the previous color with another color.Make the overall color change and transition, is the specific control of mixing color techniques.The color method is more suitable for painting the changes of the sky.In the sky, first draw the top blue part, and then change a kind of light magenta to the middle part, and then change the blue to draw, and finally change the purple convergence.Layers are rich in variety, without too much color mixing.


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Color Superposition Method

The superposition method may also be called the overlay method or the overlay method.It refers to the technique of drawing one layer of color first and then superimposing another different color.The same color superposition and similar color superposition are used when the superposition method is more.This adds up to a more natural and harmonious effect.Dry overlay is the process of applying color again after the previous layer has dried out.One of the main effects of dry stacking is to create a sense of depth.Solid effect is strong, realistic effect is strong.The other thing is to use dry superposition when shaping details.Take the ginger below.The base color of ginger is green and earthy yellow.On this basis, ripe brown and black are superimposed on the backlight of ginger on both sides.Three dimensions are stronger.


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Leave Blank Method

This blank is to leave a part of the picture without coloring, similar to the blank in traditional Chinese painting.This kind of white space is usually used where highlights or highlights need to be left in the picture.For example, when painting flowers, white space reflects the bright part of the flower.White space can also be extended.For example, when painting pods, now lay a light green background.When overlaying dark green around again, leave the light green that just spread, formed the effect of shallow around deep in the middle of pod, reflected the three-dimensional feeling of pod very well.This is also a flexible use of white space.


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Dry Brush Strokes

This method is similar to dry brushwork in traditional Chinese painting,which is to use a little water content of the brush to rub out a color uneven blocks of painting.For example, when drawing some animal hair, water ripples or some special texture.For example, below, we can use dry brush to show the rough feeling of the surface of the brick wall.It's easier to get results and get twice the result with half the effort.

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Wet Painting

Wet painting is the process of applying water or paint to a painting before it is dried.Wet painting also has wet overlay, which is to overlay another color when the previous step is dry.Under normal circumstances, when we draw the first layer of water, and then spread the color, color is not dry to continue to spread color.For example, for the rose background in the picture below, the background should be tiled with a dark blue and pink background.Paint the leaves when the base color is not dry.At this time, the shape of the leaves is not so whole, and some colors will be blurred with the previous colors, creating an illusory effect.In the flower section, pink and green petals are superimposed on the wet pink background, so that the petals and the edges of the petals are not very clear, giving the flower a hazy effect.


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The Collocation Method

The juxtaposition method is kind of like the superposition method.Is will adjust the pigment, with points, lines, blocks in the form of painting on the screen, the pen to a slightly wide range.The color of the first layer is covered by the color of the second and third layer, but the transparency of watercolor can reveal new colors. Below, for example, the two sides of the trees is different color, trees of the base of color is blue, the middle level is the green trees, the top layer is brown branches, at this point, the blue color that's revealed from the green trees, make the picture is very clear and fresh, there seems to be a kind of hazy light behind the tree.


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Shading Method

Smudging is a method of painting in which the original pigment is smudded with water to make the color change from light to deep and from light to dark.If you want to paint a red rose, spread the deep red on the edge of the petals, and then dip the pen in water to halo the color, this is a method of shading.The colors are dark and light, with rich variations.

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Salt Sprinkling Method

Salt sprinkling method is often used in watercolor painting, the use of good can appear very good flowering effect, such as ice flowers, dandelion can use salt sprinkling method.However, the salt method needs to meet two conditions: one is that the pigment wet contains some water, and the other is that the color of the pigment is obvious.When there is more water, it becomes wetter and blooms more.When the amount of water is small, the salt can be absorbed in the range of small flowers.As shown in the figure below, the bloom on the left is larger, while the bloom on the right is smaller.If the background color is too light, it will be less obvious, and the effect will be better if the color is too dark.


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