What Does Painting Mediums Mean?

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What Does Painting Mediums Mean?

There are many kinds of picture books, and their illustrations are also full of flowers. The most common ones are oil paint, artist watercolor paint sets, pencil, sketch pencil, ink, artist quality acrylic paint, crayon, propylene and so on. They can not only be used alone, but also be used comprehensively to create a rich and diverse picture effect. It is precisely because the painter uses different media and different expressive techniques that the picture book presents a variety of attractive appearance. Next, I will introduce some common painting medium and its expression methods for you, lift the mysterious veil of picture book illustrations, let you know more about picture books and appreciate picture books.

Oil Painting 

In western painting, oil painting has always been the mainstream of creation. Oil painting is made with oil pigments on linen, cardboard or wooden boards. The pigments are opaque, its covering ability is strong, and the color of the picture is rich, which can fully express the texture of the object and its reality. The characteristics of oil painting's sense of gravity and weight are suitable for expressing solemn and serious themes. 


Watercolor is a form of painting that uses transparent pigments and water to harmonize. The color flows through each other under the action of water, making the picture crystal transparent, moist, smooth, relaxed and lively, with artistic effect and artistic conception like poetry. Watercolor is not like oil painting, which can be repeatedly covered and modified. The characteristics of watercolor painting are as pure, transparent, clear and natural as the effect of the picture. Watercolor performance techniques are rendering, flat painting, superimposition and fainting. White space is a common means of expression and composition in watercolor painting. It can make the story theme of picture books more appealing, showing the interest and aesthetic feeling that words are difficult to describe. 


From the effect point of view, pastel has both the artistic effect of oil painting and watercolor, and has its unique artistic charm. It is unique in shaping and halo dyeing, and its colors are rich, gorgeous and elegant. It is best to show the changeable and delicate objects. Pastel paintings are very expressive, and their hues are very bright and saturated. Some also have some fluorescent effect, shiny, which is rare in other pigments. Therefore, the effect of pastel painting is very special. The color can be painted strongly and softly. 

What Does Painting Mediums Mean?

Color Pencils 

Color pencils have the characteristics of rich brush strokes, fresh tones and full colors. Using lines to shape the body, using color pencils to arrange lines and repeatedly coloring can depict the dreamlike and poetic realm like watercolor. 


Pen is a kind of ink-stained pen, which forms a picture through the operation of the pen tip on the paper. Its characteristic is that the lines are strong. It uses the size of the brush strokes, the density or weight of the lines to express the picture effect, giving people a clear black and white, concise, lively and elegant feeling. 

Charcoal Pen 

Charcoal pen is the main tool for drawing sketch. Its painting characteristics are rich tones and strong visual impact. The lines of charcoal pen have a soft, powdery and perceptual characteristics, which can be used to wipe, erase and paint techniques to enrich the picture effect. 

In addition, more than one comprehensive medium is often used in a picture book. Painters use different combination of painting media to construct a more colorful picture effect. According to the nature and perspectives of the media, combined with the theme to be expressed in picture books, the media will not only be a form of expression, but also have a strong expressive force. 

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