What are the Advantages of Acrylic Paint?

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What are the Advantages of Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic painting is a painting made of acrylic paint. This pigment is a new type of paint that is a mixture of chemically synthesized latex and color particles that appeared in the 1960s.

Acrylic paint has many excellent characteristics. It first appeared in the Mexican mural movement in the 1930s. In the mid-1950s, in the American art world, artists constantly pursued novel and peculiar art forms, and new art schools emerged one after another. The abstract expressionism centered on New York is a modern art trend and its genre, called the "New York School." The representative painter Pollock, with the extensive spread of American abstract expressionist paintings, is valued by the world and is appreciated. The new materials used in the works are gradually being recognized by everyone, and acrylic pigments are being promoted in the world. It became popular in a short period of time and gradually became one of the three major paintings along with oil painting and watercolor painting.

The characteristics of acrylic painting can be listed as follows:

(1) It can be released by water, which is good for cleaning.

(2) Quick drying. The pigment can be dried in a few minutes after the pen is dropped, and it does not have to wait a few months to finish after the oil painting works. Painters who prefer slow-drying characteristic pigments can use retardants to delay the drying time of the pigment.

(3) The colored layer quickly loses its solubility after drying, and at the same time forms a tough, elastic, water-impermeable film. This film is similar to rubber.

(4) The color is full, heavy and fresh, no matter how it is blended, there will be no “dirty” or “grey” feeling. The colored layer will never have the phenomenon of oil absorption and smudging.

(5) The work is long lasting. The oil film in the oil painting is easy to oxidize for a long time, and it becomes yellow and hard, which makes the screen crack. The acrylic film will never be embrittled in theory and will never turn yellow.

(6) The biggest difference between the use of acrylic paint and oil painting is that it has the operating characteristics of general water-based pigments, and can be used for both watercolor and gouache.

(7) The acrylic plastic ointment contains granular type and has coarse particles and fine particles, which is convenient for making texture.

(8) Acrylic pigment is non-toxic and will not cause harm to the human body.

Acrylic painting

Compared with gouache, acrylic painting has the following differences:

1. The color of acrylic paint has little change in dry and wet color, more vivid and pure, and the surface is slightly shiny.

2. The pigment is firmly attached, can be repeatedly modified, can be thickly coated, and has no cracking or peeling phenomenon, and is more suitable for the performance of various painting performance techniques.

3. The picture is flat, which can avoid the problem that the picture is curled and deformed after the gouache is dried.

4. The separation between the color layers and the stability are good, and the physical changes or chemical reactions caused by the mutual penetration between the color layers are reduced. The shortcoming of acrylic painting is that it is too fast to dry, and it is not suitable for long-term storage in the color box. The pigment on the painting is easy to dry and difficult to clean after drying. But these are not always unsolvable.





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