What are wet painting & dry painting in gouache painting?

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What are wet painting & dry painting in gouache painting?

Gouache is a painting made with water-toned and silty pigments. Its performance is characterized by being between opaque and translucent, and the color can produce beautiful, soft, bright, and thick artistic effects on the screen.

Dry painting

Dry painting means that there is more water and less powder. This kind of painting usually uses the water content of the squeezed pen. When adding water, no water or less water is added, so that the pigment becomes a paste.First you should care about deepness and shallows, and you should draw from the big face to the details. Then, you should cover and deepen over and over again, because the more you draw, the more complete. And with the progress from deep to shallow, you should constantly add more white powder to brighten the picture.

The dry painting method is relatively stagnant, and it is dry and dry, but it is more specific and strong, which is convenient for the expression of certain and clear shapes and colors, such as the unevenness of the object, the bright part of the subject and the wonderful details. This kind of drawing is very focused on pen writing, and strives to observe accurately, and the pen is affirmative. Each pen represents a certain relationship between form and color. Dry painting also has its shortcomings. Excessive use of this method, combined with improper use of techniques, can result in dry and dull images. However, the color of the dry painting method changes little afterwards, and it is easy to grasp the effect of practicing color.

Wet painting

The wet painting method is the opposite of the dry painting method, with more water and less powder. It absorbs the techniques of watercolor painting and Chinese painting, and also best uses the benefits of "water" in gouache, and is rendered with water-diluted pigment. Wet painting can also use the transparency of paper and color to find the brightness and refreshment like watercolor. 

However, the wet technique used by it is more demanding than painting. Because the gouache pigment particles are coarse, it is necessary to look at the picture when wet painting, and the wet painting part is successfully rendered once. Excessive application or multiple application will inevitably result in gray and greasy pictures.  If properly played, it can show a vivid and inspiring vividness. Its color is sometimes infiltrated by the flow of water and mutual penetration. In order to make this wet effect, not only the pigment should be diluted with water, but also the paper should be wetted with water according to the local and overall needs, so as to ensure that the wet time and color are naturally connected.

Dry and wet painting features

The boundary between dry and wet painting is determined by the amount of water in the brush. Most people think that using powder and using more colors, and painting is thicker, which is dry painting. This is not accurate because it must be powdery and colored. More and less water becomes a dry painting method. Some people think that it is wet painting when the powder is small and thin, which is not clear. Only when the diluted pigment is used more water can it become wet painting. Therefore, it can be said that there are many dry painting methods, and there are also few dry painting methods. In contrast, the wet painting method also has a powdery wet painting method and a powdery wet painting method. But whether it is dry or wet, it is better to use the powder properly, so that the characteristics of gouache are not lost. The dry painting method and the wet painting method should be used interchangeably when painting, but according to the actual needs of the screen, some wet painting methods are used more, and some dry painting methods are used more. If a painting uses too much water and all uses wet painting to process the image, it is easy to cause loss of control, loose the object, and lose its color luster. Similarly, all dry painting methods, with the accumulation of color and white powder to constantly thicken the picture, there will be rigid, dry and color off, the picture is difficult to save for a long time.

gouache color

Dry and wet painting steps

In the first step, the composition of this swaying float gives a natural feeling and is also a form of composition.

In the second step, the color of the first pass should be accurate, so that the next step can have a good foundation. Yellow and purple are strong contrasting colors, and the two contrasting colors are connected, so that the overall color is in a uniform color atmosphere, which is very loud and vivid.

The third step is to use the dry painting method to express the texture of the peach. Use a small stroke to adjust the yellow-green color and draw a subtle change in the peach. The color of the yellow pear on the pink lining cloth is very saturated and the water is appropriate. This step should pay attention to the picture of the real, strong, weak, cold and warm changes.

The fourth step, this step is to close the work, the requirements are accurate and must be observed overall. The place that affects the overall relationship should not hesitate to change it. Where the gap is too heavy, the warm color can be attenuated.

The fifth step is to adjust the picture, the details, the general picture to be processed, and the messy things to be removed.

The powder contains a certain limit on the smoothness of the water color. When the gouache is wet, the color saturation is very high. After drying, the color is tarnished due to the effect of the powder, and the saturation is greatly reduced. This is the limitation of its color purity. Learning gouache can be a good understanding of color, a new understanding of the transparency of color, you can learn how to color during the process of learning gouache, and further understand the importance of color to gouache.





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