What is the Best Watercolor Paper for Beginners?

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 What is the Best Watercolor Paper for Beginners?

Watercolor paper is a kind of paper specially used to draw watercolors. This paper generally has better water absorption, thicker pounds and more fibers on paper. 

Watercolor pad color

The color of watercolor paper varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and even between different types of paper produced by the same manufacturer. Descriptive names for watercolor paper colors include traditional, extra white, bright white and absolutely white. The color of watercolor paper has different effects on painting. Watercolor paper with cream can make the color of the painting look turbid. A watercolor with blue bias gives the yellow a green appearance.

Watercolor paper watermark

Watermarks are produced in the process of making high quality watercolor paper. Watermark on watercolor paper, equivalent to a sewing label in a piece of clothing, tells you who made the painting. It may tell you more depending on the manufacturer.

The front and back of watercolor paper

The more obvious side of the texture of the watercolor paper is positive. But both sides can be painted. Watercolor papers vary greatly depending on the weight of the craftsmanship. There are also watercolor papers with dots and textures. The smooth side of the watercolor paper is firm, the water absorption is less, the hair side is easily damaged, and the water absorption is large. If you are painting, you should according to the effect you want to achieve to choose which side to use. If your painting is rigorous and requires repeated washing and layering, the smooth side is better. It is more freehand, and it is of course the one that uses the hair.

Edge of watercolor paper

The edges on a piece of watercolor paper are uneven or worn edges. This is the natural edge that is formed when the paper is made, and the pulp is thinned at the edges. A complete piece of handmade paper usually has edges on all four sides. The cut paper will have one or more straight edges, depending on how it is cut.

watercolor pad

Different surfaces of watercolor paper

There are three different surfaces on watercolor paper, which are rough, hot pressed and cold pressed surfaces.

Rough watercolor paper has the most textured surface or the most prominent teeth. It is sometimes described as having a pebble surface, a series of irregular circular shapes, such as pebble beaches. On rough paper, paint from very water-based detergents tends to accumulate in the indentation of the paper, producing a granular effect when the paint dries. Or, if you gently rub the dry brush on the surface, apply only the paint to a portion of the paper, the top of the ridge, not the indentation

Watercolor paper weight

Our common watercolor paper is generally thicker than the sketch paper, which is heavier.

In general, the thicker the paper, the more water it absorbs; the smaller the paper deformation, the more pronounced the texture, and the higher the price. However, the thinner the watercolor paper, the more vivid it will be!

The advantages and disadvantages of watercolor

There are many kinds of watercolor papers, and the cheap water absorption is poor, and the expensive ones can preserve the color for a long time. According to the fiber, watercolor paper has two basic fibers: cotton and hemp. According to the surface, there are rough, fine, and smooth surfaces. According to manufacturing, it is divided into handmade paper and machine-made paper.

In summary, we should understand that different sizes of painting paper will bring different painting effects. These different effects caused by drawing paper are also a charming part of watercolor painting. If you are interested in watercolor painting, hope this article can be helpful for you. Hangzhou Medo Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a professional art material supplier, whose products including professional watercolor brush pen,  watercolor pad, nontoxic solid watercolor cake, and other art materials since 1990's. 





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