What is the Differences Between Sketch Paper and Whiteboard Paper?

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What is the Differences Between Sketch Paper and Whiteboard Paper?

Why people like painting?  Painting seems to have "magic power" to attract everyone. Those who are familiar with painting may know that there are many kinds of painting tools, such as: sketch pencil, sketch easeland drawing sketch pad, charcoal, powder brush, color pencil, charcoal strip, carbon pen, oil stick, watercolor pen painting. But do you know the difference between the papers of painting? Let us know the painting paper together today.

Gouache paper

The paper is thick, the grain is rough, and it has a circular printing pressure, which has a distinction between the front and the back. This type of paper is only suitable for gouache, and pencils and ink lines do not draw fine lines on it.

Watercolor paper

The texture of watercolor paper is very good, it is tough enough and meet moisture will not wrinkle, the texture is natural, the effect of using watercolor, gouache and ink line is good,  it’s suitable for drawing color draft. When drawing a color paper with watercolor paper, it is best to squat on the drawing board, because if it is not sloppy, the water will make the paper uneven and affect the painting.

sketch book

Sketch Pads

There are many types of sketchbooks, such as sketch sketchbooks, gouache sketchbooks, pencil sketchbooks, and ordinary sketchbooks, which are distinguished by the texture of the paper inside. The sketchbook is easy to carry and is also chosen by more people.

Card paper

This type of paper is very thick and has two sides, usually used in decorative design. It has three colors, of which black cardboard is the most expensive, and white cardboard is the most used. White cardboard: one side is very smooth and reflective. The color of the ink line is very clear, but it is not easy to dry. Pay special attention to keep it clean when painting. The advantage is that the ink line can be clean with an eraser.The reverse side is similar to the general drawing paper.

Sketch paper

The texture is rough. Ideal for painting with pencils, carbon pens, and carbon strips. Sketch paper is poor in water stagnation. When using pen or water-based strokes, the ink is easy to smudge, but because of the rough texture, it is easy to draw the effect of sand pen with a small amount of ink. If you want to paint, don't choose sketch pad. This paper will fluff and destroy the effect if it is too much water.

sketch paper

We have learned about several commonly used painting papers. Next we will briefly introduce the difference between sketch paper and whiteboard paper to help you better choose.

Sketch paper is suitable for: pencil, charcoal, powder brush, color pencil, charcoal strip, watercolor pen painting.etc. The sketch paper without acid/bleaching agent, and is treated with mildew and anti-frog, so that the painting can be preserved for along time without yellowing and graying. 

The whiteboard paper is white and smooth, the paperboard is mainly used for single-sided color printing and then made into a carton for packaging, or used for design and hand-made products. It has a relatively uniform ink absorption, and there are few surface powder removal and hair loss, and the paper has high folding resistance.

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