A Beginner’s Guide to Sketching Facial Features(2)

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 A Beginner’s Guide to Sketching Facial Features(2)

When we look at a portrait sketch, the character's facial features are the most eye-catching. The facial feature is an indispensable element in our practice of painting. It is also the main part of our in-depth portrait sketching. Then, how can the facial feature be painted to make people shine? 

How to present facial feature?

The eye is the first expression on the human face. The eye and the eyebrow are connected, so consider the change of the eyebrow when drawing the eye. Think of the eyebrows and eyes as a whole. First understand the relationship between them, and then further portray, to explain the interspersed relationship between the two corners of the eye. Strengthen the contrast between the two corners of the front and back to make the eyes more vivid

The ear is easily overlooked in painting, and the structure must be clear when painting. The shape of the ears is irregular and is located on either side of the head. The shape of the ear changes relatively little, but each person's ear still has a shape difference. We need to understand the structural characteristics of the ear, and the ear will have different perspectives as the head rotates.

The nose is at the forefront of the face. Especially for the front of the nose, be sure to open the nose and face. There are many types of noses. In the process of painting, pay attention to the structure and shape of the nose. Finally, the bridge of the nose must be sure to find the width and height of the bridge of the nose.

The mouth is the second expression organ of the face, and the change is particularly rich. This expression is produced by stretching or contracting the laughing muscles and masseter muscles. When painting the mouth, it generally emphasizes the middle suture line of the mouth, and clearly defines the interspersed relationship of the corners of the mouth. Each model has different characteristics and different expressions, and some of the mouths are overhanging, and some of the mouths are upwards. Pay attention to their characteristics when painting.

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TIPS for facial sketching

1. The first step in sketching is to determine the outline of the head or face, and the bridge of the nose and lips and contours need to be weakened.

2. Faces have similarities, and the brightness determines the similarity of faces.

3. In painting, pay attention to the portrayal of the eyes and nose, and use facial shadows and highlights to highlight facial expressions.

4. Faces have similarities, and the brightness determines the similarity of faces.

5. Pencil is the basic material for portraits. The grid or draft is painted with a lighter 2B pencil. The 4b pencil is suitable for dealing with darker shades and deeper parts such as hair.

6. Use a soft art special rubber, gently wipe when modifying, so as not to damage the paper.

7. Drawing sketch pad: Generally choose a sketchbook made of Kent paper. You can also buy loose-leaf or bulk sketch paper. The sketchbook is convenient for painting practice anytime, anywhere.

8. Ruler, transparent paper and marker: Use a 30 or 50cm ruler to draw grid lines. Use a marker to draw a line with a distance of 5cm on a transparent paper and store it properly. It can be recycled for a long time.

9. Use the guide line to locate the eye nose position of the mouth. Observe the actual sketch object carefully, and measure the distance between the organs with the auxiliary line after measuring the size of the facial features.

10. The most important thing is to observe and practice.

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