How to Paint on Paper with Acrylics?

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How to Paint on Paper with Acrylics?

Painting is a hobby, whether it is a child or an adult, more or less painted. Then to paint, we must choose paper. How to choose the right paper to paint has a great influence on our drawing effect. 

About acrylic painting

Acrylic painting refers to a painting made of acrylic paint. This pigment is a new type of paint that is a mixture of chemically synthesized latex and color particles that appeared in the 1960s. The main feature of acrylic painting is the use of acrylic paint for painting. The polyacrylic acid pigment itself is water-soluble, and after drying, forms a porous film and becomes water resistant. The color is bright, the color is bright, the chemical change is stable, and the layers of the overlapping and soft pigments are bonded to each other to form transparent or translucent, strong adhesion and weather resistance, and durability. The color of acrylic paint does not change much, it is more vivid, pure, and the surface is slightly shiny. The pigments are firmly attached, can be repeatedly modified, and can be thickly coated without cracking or peeling, which is more suitable for various painting performance techniques. 

The picture of the acrylic painting is flat, which can avoid the problem that the picture is curled and deformed after the gouache is dried. The color separation between the color layers of the acrylic painting is good, and the physical or chemical reaction caused by the mutual penetration between the color layers is reduced. The disadvantage of acrylic painting is that it is too fast to dry, and it is not suitable for long-term storage in the color box. The pigment on the painting is easy to dry and difficult to clean after drying. But these are not always unsolvable.

What kind of paper is suitable for painting?

Because no matter what color is painted on the white background, it will maintain the original color. Therefore, in the study of color recognition, white paper is generally used. However, you can also paint on the colored paper. Among various colored papers, black paper is most suitable for color. When painting with other colors, especially bright colored paper, it is best to choose the opposite color. In addition to white paper and colored paper, you can change the material of the paper to paint.

sketch paper

Paper recommendation

Sketch paper lines are rough. It is best for painting with pencils, carbon pens, and carbon strips, but it will get tired when you use a pencil repeatedly in one place. Sketch paper is poor in water stagnation. When using pens and water-based strokes, the ink is easy to smudge, but because of the rough texture, it is easy to draw the effect of sand pen with a small amount of ink. It is recommended to use the ink to draw the speed of the line, do not stay at a point. If you want to paint, try not to choose sketch paper. This paper will fluff as long as it is used too much.The paper of gouache paper is thicker, the grain is rough, and it has a circular printing pressure, which has a distinction between the front and the back. This kind of paper is only suitable for gouache. 

Watercolor paper has a good texture, is tough, and does not wrinkle too much moisture. Its texture is natural, with watercolor, gouache, ink line effects are good, suitable for drawing color.

Paper for copying or printing, divided into A3, A4 and other specifications. Usually A4 is used the most.The more grams, the thicker the paper, the thicker the ink line will not smudge.

The paper jam is very thick and has two sides. It is usually used in the decoration design profession.

The legendary comic paper, often found in mail order and magazines, is characterized by a ruler around it.If you are not a professional manga, it is best not to buy, too expensive, not worthwhile.

There is a layer of linen on the oil painting paper, unless it is painted with oil or thin paint, it can't be painted.

Toilet paper is not recommended. However, it can be kneaded into a group of pigments or inks to make a base effect.

In short, we only need to choose the right paper before painting, which will have a great impact on the effect of the pictures we draw. I hope that what I have introduced can help you. If you are interested in painting, hope this article can be helpful for you. Hangzhou Medo Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a professional art material manufacturer, who producing artist watercolor paint sets,  professional stretched canvas for painting, artist quality acrylic paint and various paintbrushes for beginners with best quality and reasonable price. 







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