How to Repair a Painting Canvas ?

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How to Repair a Painting Canvas ?

If you have a piece of damaged printed canvas and don't know how to deal with it, you can learn how to repair canvas yourself, which is a good way to spend your spare time and cultivate your ability of patience. Damaged printed canvas can be a tricky thing to work with, but it can be fixed. Read on this article to learn how to repair a painting canvas.

Painting Canvas

Repairing Procedures

At first, you need to gather or purchase items needed for the repair. This includes a clothing iron, metal spatula, scissors, iron, putty knife, palette knife, thermoplastic film, archival paste, acrylic gesso, oil paint to match that in the damaged area, and a small paintbrush. After the preparation of the objects, you need to lay the painting face-down on a smooth and clean surface.

Second, place the linen patch over the backside of the rip or tear, and place the thermoplastic-adhesive strip on top of the linen patch. And then you need to cut down the linen strip to the size of the thermoplastic adhesive strip. After that, you need to remove the paper backing on the adhesive, and place it back over the tear or rip without the linen under it.

Third, place a piece of linen over the polyester-film side of the adhesive to prevent the stretched painting canvas from scorching. And then use an iron to heat up the adhesive so that it properly sticks to the torn stretched canvas. If you need to heat up a  hard-to-reach part of the adhesive, heat up a metal spatula against the surface of the iron.

Forth, remove the polyester-film backing on the adhesive, and place the fitted linen patch over the adhesive. It is necessary to place the other linen patch over the fitted linen patch to prevent scorching during the heat transfer process. 

At last, place the other linen patch over the fitted linen patch to prevent scorching during the heat transfer process. And then use the iron on top of both pieces of linen and apply heat. You can choose oil colors that you like to match the color of the damaged area.

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