What's the Differences Between Sketch Paper and Watercolor Paper?

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What's the Differences Between Sketch Paper and Watercolor Paper?

About Watercolor paper

Watercolor texture paper is a kind of paper specially used for painting watercolors. This kind of paper generally absorbs water better, has a thicker weight and has more fibers on the surface. It is characterized for higher water absorption, thicker pounds, stronger paper fiber, and not easily to break and fuzz ball during repeated application than ordinary paper. There are quite a variety of kinds of water color paper. Generally speaking, the water absorption of cheap watercolor paper is poor and expensive watercolor paper can save color for longer time. According to the fiber, watercolor paper has two basic fibers: cotton and hemp. According to the surface, there are coarse, fine, slippery surface. According to manufacturing way, there are manual paper (the most expensive kind of watercolor paper) and machine-made paper.

watercolor paper

About Sketch paper

Sketch paper is a kind of paper between printing paper and craft paper. With medium thickness, two sides of a relatively rough, it is suitable for pencil and charcoal coloring. For beginners, 8 open size is usually used. And for skilled one, 4 open size is better. After reaching a certain level, half open or 1 open paper is suitable. In addition to white paper, there are light gray paper. Additionally, its character has thick, thin, rough, smooth, strong and soft points. Sketch paper quality is differentiated according to the grams. And 120 to 180 grams of sketch paper is more commonly used. Such paper is stronger so that the paper will not have great damage even after several times of wiping, modification. The texture of sketch paper is also very important, which is generally divided into 3 kinds, fine lines, medium lines and rough lines. Medium lines are more used in painting. Different textures also have different uses and can present different texture effects. But overall, the denser the paper, the finer the texture and the more natural the color.

There are two main differences between watercolor paper and sketch paper.

The difference of water-absorbing quality

Water color paper has good water absorption. When painting and repeatedly brushing with a wet pen, the paper will not fuzz and wrinkle. For the reason that paper contains gum, it can ensure the control of the water mark. Watercolor paper is usually thick, suitable for watercolor, water-soluble color pencil and other wet painting.


Sketch paper is poor in saving water, so wet paper will wrinkle and destroy the whole painting. It is suitable for pencil, oily color pencil, carbon bar, oil stick, toner and other dry painting. Good sketch paper can be repeatedly modified and won’t be fuggy even it is rubbed with an eraser for many times.

The difference of paper texture

The surface of watercolor paper has concave dot, which can lock a layer of superimposed pigment. When painting gouache, we can use both dry painting method and wet painting method. Sketch paper can be divided into three categories including fine lines by lines, medium lines and rough, which are all suitable for sketching use. Sketch paper has a lot of kinds of thickness. General handmade watercolor paper has grams weight of 80 grams, 100 grams, 140 grams, 160 grams, 180 grams of every square meter of paper. The number of the sketch paper grams is bigger, the paper is thicker, and the price is higher.







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