500th Anniversary of the Death of Da Vinci

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 500th Anniversary of the Death of Da Vinci

Leonado Diesel Piero da Vinci, a famous Italian artist and scientist, is known as the Italian``Triple art” (after the Renaissance III);The other two are Michel and Rafael. He was also one of the representatives of the European Renaissance.

Around the age of 15, he became a painter, sculptor, as well as a military engineer and architect. After graduation from Italian Institute of Technology in 1482, he became a famous Italian architect, artist, and engaged in the creation and research activities of noble palace. Starting in 1513, he rolled over Rome and Florence. During this period, he created the most famous Mona Lisa, which is now treasured in the Louvre, France.

Modern scholars regard him as the perfect representative of the Renaissance and a unique comprehensive talent in human history. His art masterpieces, such as the Mona Lisa and the last dinner, reflect his superb painting skills. Da Vinci believes that the most beautiful object of study in nature is the human body, and put forward that the painter should take people as the core of the painting object of the point of view.

Leonardo da Vinci’s art works do not only reflect the nature of things like mirrors, but also guide creation by thinking, observing and selecting the beautiful parts of nature. His portrait is the closest to a real person. At the same time, Leonardo da Vinci used sketching pencil and sketching pen to achieve the goal of "painters competing with nature and winning nature."  Watercolor sketches on the painting palette is also his usual technique. He also combined the undulating curve to arrange the posture of the character, thus vividly showing the psychology of the character.

The last dinner

The last dinner was created by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. It is based on the theme of Jesus having his last dinner with the twelve in the Bible. In this painting, the fear, anger, suspicion, repentance and other expressions, as well as gestures, eyes and behavior are carefully and vividly described. Therefore, this is also one of the most famous works created on this theme. Now it is collected at the Santamaria Thanksgiving Church in Milan, Italy.

Leonardo da Vinci uses a parallel perspective, which is the most traditional method of painting. The characters are lined up on a line, so the focus of the center is  Jesus’s bright forehead. Jesus stretched out his hands and lowered his eyes. When he had finished, he was silent. But his gestures are irresistible, calling on and motivating people to reflect and meditate.

Mona Lisa is another piece of his work, mainly showing the typical elegant and quiet image of women. At the same time, during the rise of capitalism, a female image of an urban real estate class was formed. Mona Lisa represents the aesthetic direction of the Renaissance, the women’s profound and noble qualities in the works, reflecting the aesthetic concept and pursuit of women’s beauty.

Mona Lisa

It was this mysterious smile that made the Mona Lisa one of the most famous paintings of Da Vinci.  

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