How to Pick the Best Watercolor Paint ?

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How to Pick the Best Watercolor Paint ?

With the popularity of painting, more and more people pay attention to the choice of high quality artist watercolor paint sets. The choice of watercolor pigment will have an influence on painting effect. As there are many types of water color paints, what to look for when selecting watercolor paint? Read on the following and get your answer.


In general, acrylic paints and watercolors come in two grades which are student and professional. Professional watercolor paint is typically made with more pigment and comes in a wider range of colors. As student watercolors usually have more synthetic binders and fillers, which keeps the cost down, but they tend to have less permanence. If you are a beginner, student quality is recommended which cost a little with little differences compared with the professional one.

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The nice thing with solid watercolor paint set is that you can extend your watercolor palette greatly by mixing up the pigment without investing in a wide range of colors. You may notice that pigments, especially with professional watercolor paints, have different pricing depending on the raw minerals used. This is because certain minerals are simply rarer, and thus more expensive. Student watercolors have standardized pricing because synthetic fillers substitute for these rare pigments.


Permanence is the paint’s durability given exposure to light and humidity, which is dependent on the quality of the pigments.You can check your label to see how each color rates on the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) rating scale. If you are looking for an I (excellent) or II (good) here, and most brands like Medo will also have this information online.

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Watercolor paint has the ability to create a washed out effect, which makes the watercolor painting more beautiful and exquisite. Watercolor paint can come in opaque or transparent,Though you can thin opaque watercolors out, it will be important to note the transparency in order to create the layered effect of most watercolor paintings.

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